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About Us

Hydromechanika Ltd. partnership company is a family business founded in 1981, specialized in metal machining and fabrication of components and assembly of components based on customer’s technical documentation. Since then, thanks to our clients and new investments , we have been continuing our development.

Two plants with a total area of nearly 5500 m2 include both halls equipped with modern machinery, assembly department, paint shops for painting with a two-component epoxy paint and powder coating, welding shop designed for surfacing inconell type material, position for pressure tests up to 2000 bar, as well as a line technology for deposition of PTFE manganese and zinc phosphating as a primer.

Combining our long-term experience in metal working with diverse modern machinery, three-coordinating measuring machines and advanced Siemens CAD / CAM software NX7.5, we are able to meet any machining challenge. And as a longtime subcontractor of machining services we have the experience to handle almost any type of material: from plastic and light alloys through carbon and alloy  steels to special steels based on nickel, chromium, and cobalt.

Our clients are companies from various industrial sectors: marine, aerospace, automotive, energy, and since 2003 also with a very strong offshore and subsea sector. Thanks to deliberate policy of sustainable development together with order increase, the company has purchased and implemented a support system  ERP II class –  SYTELINE by Infor with Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS), allowing more efficient management and control on the implemented processes and even better  production planning and delivery to a customer.



Hydromechanika Ostaszewo +48 55 246 93 87 infosek@hydromechanika.com.pl

Hydromechanika Wielkie Walichnowy +48 58 535 16 91 infosek@hydromechanika.com.pl